Analis Creations

Manufacturing lingerie for more than three decades.

Analis Creations is an intimate fashion firm that was born more than three decades ago with plenty of enthusiasm. We are genuinely committed to each woman finding the model that brings out the best on her inside and outside, producing lingerie to fit all shapes. Our garments seek a balance between  comfort and elegance, always working with hihg-quality fabrics.

Sustainability commitment

Since its foundation, Analís Creations has maintained in its core values the idea of creating high-quality lingerie through a responsable supply chain. We understand Corporate Social Responsability as a continuous improvement process to generate a positive impact on society and the environment.

In the fashion industry, there are a set of principles that must be respected based on who, how, where and under what condicion each garment is manufactured. Analís Creations takes care of each step of the process; our products are entirely designed and produced in Spain, guaranteeing optimal working conditions, and collaborating with national suppliers.